Graduate Feedback

Every two years, UNC Charlotte’s Department of Counseling conducts a survey of program alumni. Direct feedback from Counseling Ph.D. graduates who participated in the 2015 alumni survey is listed below.

General feedback from UNC Charlotte Department of Counseling alumni:

“This was one of the best educational experiences of my life.”

“This is a tremendous program that I am extremely proud to have graduated from. I continue to urge prospective counseling students to check out the phenomenal program at UNCC. The accessibility and ease of relating to the faculty was key for me.”

“Very happy with the education I received and a proud alumni.”

Feedback on the department’s biggest strengths:

“Strong professional identity of professors, recognition of the program nationally, opportunities to be involved in research.”

“The professors are caring, supportive and challenging. I really enjoyed building relationships with them and my peers in my cohort.”

“The attention the faculty gave to students, as a group and individually. I also felt very welcomed by the faculty. They made me feel comfortable talking with them and I felt like a colleague, rather than just a student. I think the faculty is the greatest strength of the program.”

“I like having the emphasis on training us in specific teaching and supervision skills and models. I think that really set us apart in a lot of ways. I also appreciated the trust faculty put into the doc students when working with Master's students. I was given responsibilities along with guidance and support that made me feel more confident in my teaching and supervision skills. I also liked that the department infused multicultural counseling and discussion into all of the courses and situations. It was what I was looking forward to when coming to the program and I liked that they followed through with this focus.”