Program of Study

UNC Charlotte’s Ph.D. Program in Counseling has been designed to prepare dedicated, knowledgeable, skillful, socially and culturally aware, and ethically responsible professionals for the 21st century. Students working towards a Ph.D. in Counseling must complete a program of study of at least 63 semester credit hours. Additional internships, practica, and coursework may be assigned as needed. Although the order of coursework remains similar for most Ph.D. students, students can also work with their Doctoral Program Committee to design a program of study that best suits their needs.

Below are the required courses for the Ph.D. Program of Study, as well as a sample Program of Study

Counseling/Counselor Education Content Courses:

Doctoral Seminar (1 credit)

Advanced Multicultural Career Counseling (1 credit)

Advanced Group Seminar (1 credit)

Advanced Counseling Theory Seminar (3 credits)

Clinical Supervision in Counseling (3 credits)

Instructional Theory in Counselor Education (3 credits)

Advanced Multicultural Counseling (3 credits)

Applied Multicultural Counseling (3 credits)

Seminar in Prospectus Design (3 credits)

Dissertation (9-12 credits)

Clinical Courses:

Doctoral Practicum in Counseling (3 credits)

Internship:  Clinical (3 credits)

Internship:  Counselor Education (3 credits)

Practicum in Clinical Supervision (3 credits)

Research Courses:

Applied Research Methods (3 credits)

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (3 credits)

Advanced Statistics (3 credits)

Multivariate Statistics (3 credits)

Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits)


Specialization Courses: 

A minimum of two elective courses to constitute an area of specialization


Sample Program of Study - Ph.D. in Counseling





Year 1


Doctoral Practicum in Counseling

Advanced Multicultural Counseling

Doctoral Seminar

Applied Research Methods

Advanced Counseling Theory Seminar

Applied Multicultural Counseling

Advanced Multicultural Career Counseling

Internship: Clinical

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Year 2 



Advanced Statistics

Clinical Supervision in Counseling

Instructional Theory in Counselor Education

Qualitative Research Methods

Practicum in Clinical Supervision

Internship: Clinical

Seminar in Prospectus

Multivariate Statistics


Year  3



Advanced Group Seminar

Internship: Clinical/Internship: Counselor Education


Advanced Group Seminar

Internship: Counselor Education