Play Therapy Concentration

The Play Therapy Concentration is a new add-on additional “concentration” for the MA program, in addition to your current program in clinical mental health, school, or addiction.  It consists of a coherent program of play therapy course work.

The Concentration consists of 4 courses (twelve credit hours).

Program Description
A curriculum has been established for a specialty in play therapy.  Students must complete four courses, as follows:

Required courses:

  • CSLG 7142 Introduction to Play Therapy  (fall, spring, summer 1)
  • CSLG 7143Filial Therapy:  An Approach to Parent Training (spring)
  • CSLG 7144 Contemporary Theories of Play Therapy (fall)

Students must select one (1) course from the following courses:

  • CSLG 7145 Special Topics in Play Therapy (e.g., Conference, Expressive Arts)
  • Course Approved by Director of Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy

    1 Pre-requisite is CSLG 7142


CSLG 7142. Introduction to Play Therapy. (3) Enhancing the counseling relationship with children by using play media to establish facilitative relationships with children under the age of ten years. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

CSLG 7143. Filial Therapy: An Approach to Parent Training. (3) Cross-listed as CSLG 8143. This advanced level play therapy course focuses on concepts and skills for training parents/caretakers/teachers to be therapeutic agents in their children’s lives through using child centered play therapy skills in regularly scheduled structured play sessions with children. (Spring)

CSLG 7144. Contemporary Theories of Play Therapy. (3) An advanced exploration of fundamental issues involved in play therapy, this seminar course will focus on an in-depth study of various theoretical approaches, modalities, techniques, and applications of play therapy. Historical and theoretical foundations of play therapy are presented as are current issues in providing appropriate counseling services to children aged three to ten years old. (Fall)

CSLG 7145. Special Topics in Play Therapy. (3) Focuses on a variety of topics in play therapy such as conference, supervision of play therapy, and group play therapy. The course may offer alternative formats, such as weekend sessions and distance learning options. (Conference: Summer)


How do I “add on” the Concentration?

  • The is an add-on additional “concentration” for the MA program, in addition to your current program in clinical mental health, school, or addiction. 
  • The Concentration must be completed during your MA program.
  • To add the Play Therapy Concentration, you must submit an Academic Petition (
    • Select the “Add/Update Concentration” petition type.  
    • Under the “Petition Description,” type this in:   "Please add the Play Therapy Concentration to my MA program in the Department of Counseling."
  • The Academic Petition will be directed to Dr. Balog, director of the MA program, for her recommendation. 
  • On the next screen, be sure to select that this petition is for the PLAY-CERT option and click continue.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Phyllis Post
Director, Graduate Certificate in Play Therapy