Course Requirements

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Core courses:


CSLG  6104

Counseling Across the Lifespan (FA, SP, SU)

RSCH 6101

Educational Research Methods (FA, SP,SU)

RSCH 6109

Assessment and Evaluation Methods (FA, SP, SU)

CSLG 6100           

Theories of Counseling  (FA,SU)

CSLG 6101           

Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling (FA, SU)

CSLG 6110           

Counseling Techniques (FA, SP)

CSLG 6111           

Advanced Counseling Techniques (FA, SP, SU)

CSLG 6120           

Group Counseling (FA, SP)

CSLG 6145           

Multicultural Counseling (FA, SP, SU)

CSLG 6150           

Career Development and Counseling (SP, SU)

CSLG 7430           

Practicum in Counseling (FA, SP) (150 hours)

CSLG 7435           

Internship I (FA, SP) (300 hours)

CSLG 7435           

Internship II (FA, SP) (300 hours)





CSLG 7141            

The Professional School Counselor (FA, SU)

CSLG 7646            

Advocacy & Leadership in Professional School Counseling (FA, SP)

CSLG 7140            

Consultation in School Counseling (SU)



Electives (Select 4 for School Concentration):





Note: If you plan to work in the elementary school setting or with small children under age 10 or younger, you must take CSLG 7142: Introduction to Play Therapy as one of your electives prior to or concurrent with your Practicum or Internship experience.