Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology

The Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology is designed to provide supplementary graduate education in Gerontology.  The certificate is designed for those who seek supplemental education in aging, for those who already have a graduate degree in another field, or those completing a graduate degree in another field. It requires the completion of a foundational course as well as elective courses related to the study of aging.  Gerontology at UNC Charlotte is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, integrating materials from various disciplines and requiring students to study aging from a variety of perspectives.

Our Graduate Certificate in Gerontology is available for anyone seeking further graduate education in the field of gerontology. 

Master of Arts in Counseling - Twelve elective credits in the MA can be fulfilled by the Gerontology Graduate Certificate for those co-enrolled in both programs

Certificate Course Requirements

Required Course:
GRNT 6600 Current Issues in Gerontology

Elective Tracks (Students must select one course from each track):

Social Sciences
GRNT/PSYC 6124 Psychology of Aging (3)
GRNT/SOCY 6130 Sociology of Aging: Theories and Research (3)
GRNT/SOCY 5150 Older Individual and Society (3)
GRNT/SOCY 6134 Family Caregiving Across the Lifespan: Theory, Practice, Policy (3)
GRNT 5270 Intergenerational Relationships and Programs (3)
GRNT 5353 Environments for Aging

Health Sciences
GRNT/NURS 6275 Health Promotion, Nutrition, and Wellness for Older Adults (3)
KNES 5232 Physiology of Human Aging (3)
GRNT 5260 Women: Middle Age and Beyond (3)
GRNT 5280 The Experience of Dementia (3)
NURS 6115 Health Policy and Planning in the U.S.
CSLG 7681 Grief and Loss Counseling (3)
CSLG 6205 Counseling Older Adults (3) M.A. Counseling must take this course

GRNT 5250 Aging Programs and Services (3)
GRNT/MPAD 6210 Aging and Public Policy (3)
GRNT/MPAD 6211 Administration of Aging Programs (3)
MPAD 6172 Administration of the Healthcare Systems in the United States (3)
MPAD 6128 Foundations of Public Policy (3)
EIST 6101 Learning Principles in Learning, Design, and Technology (3)

Track designation depends on particular topic:
GRNT 6050 Topics in Gerontology (3)

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