Program Goals

Department of Counseling

Program Goals

Commitment to Diversity


Our Program Goals:

The faculty has established the following goals in support of our mission and vision:

  • To develop and maintain a curriculum based on current knowledge concerning the counseling and human development needs of a global community,
  • To challenge and support student and faculty growth in human understanding, dignity, and positive interactions on all levels,
  • To promote social justice, especially for groups that have been historically disenfranchised ,
  • To develop collaborative partnerships that foster our mission,
  • To provide excellent instruction, research, and community service, and
  • To achieve excellence by maintaining CACREP accreditation at both the Master’s and Doctoral levels.


Our Commitment to Diversity:

The faculty is committed to integrating teaching, scholarship, research, clinical practice, and service, while promoting a climate of social justice, systemic change and advocacy. This commitment extends to training students to be multiculturally-conscious practitioners and educators who actively engage in critical self-reflection, scholarship, and practice in an effort to effectively transform communities, institutions, and systems.