Post-Bac Options/Taking a Class in the Department

Which classes may I take before being admitted into the program?

The following counseling courses are open to Post Baccalaureate students if there is space available. To enroll in these courses, permission of the Instructor is required unless otherwise indicated below. Please contact the Instructor of the course to determine availability in the class. Course information is available through the Course Offering link on the web-site.

If you are having difficulty getting in contact with an instructor for a permit to register, please call the Department of Counseling at (704) 687-8960


Course Options for Post-Baccalaureate Students in the Department of Counseling:

CSLG 6101 Ethical & Professional Issues in Counseling

CSLG 6150 Career Development and Counseling

CSLG 6160 Theories of Chemical Dependency*

CSLG 6161 Assessment & Diagnosis of Chemical Dependency*

CSLG 6162 Chemical Dependency: Counseling Individuals, Families, & Groups*

CSLG 6163 Chemical Dependency: Treatment Planning & Relapse Prevention*

 *These are the courses in the Graduate Certificate in Substance Abuse and are offered on a rotational basis.


Course Options for Post-Baccalaureate Students outside the Department of Counseling:

RSCH 6101 Educational Research Methods [Contact Laurie DeBlock at or (704) 687-8858 for permits]

CSLG 6104 Counseling Across the Life Span

Please note that taking classes as a Post-Baccalaureate does not guarantee admission in to the program. The application process remains the same as it is for all prospective students. In addition, individuals can only transfer in 6 credits (two 3 credit Post-Bac. classes) if admitted into the program.


How can I take a class in the Department of Counseling if I am enrolled in another Graduate Program at UNCC?

The Department of Counseling is open to the idea of allowing individuals from other graduate level disciplines to enroll in various courses and electives within our department. Unfortunately, current students enrolled in the Department of Counseling get preferred placement in all classes within the department AND some classes are restricted to only students within the department due to the nature, expectations and pre-requisites for the course.

If you are enrolled in another graduate level program at UNCC and wish to explore the option of taking a course through the Department of Counseling, please notify the professor of record to: 1) Confirm if the course is open to students outside of the Department of Counseling, 2) Ask for a permit or to be placed on the waitlist.

If you enroll in a course, without permission from the instructor, there is a possibility that your enrollment will be withdrawn/you will be removed from the class.